Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BOUNDARIES.....Niggas do you know YOURS?!?!

Ok ok OK! We back at it ladies and my Bitches are Hilarious!!!

Between my BFF Sherri and my girl Tiff, I'm at a loss for words! Were discussing boundaries because, niggas are CLEARLY lost. It's 09,' so get ya mind right! Now now now...children play nice and not dabble in common buffoonery. People always expect to just get what they want, in regards to others. Well look, shit don't work that way. If your whole incentive on taking a women out is to BEAT.. i.e have SEX?!?! then just get a groupie or STAY IN YOUR LANE! Take the roads less traveled or what your accustomed too.

My boi Jabrie got into this debate about sex with my boo Sherri. He didn't understand her three month rule. Which is, she'll wait three months before having sex w/ a dude. Sounds long but in retrospect, that shits nothing. Not saying that I agree, because I don't. I just understand her reasoning, because she's just tryna weed niggas out. I say it goes by connection, an it will happen when it does. Don't plan it, just let things play out. But if your a thirsty ass dude, your just playing yourself. No need in stomping around like someone stole your bike. YOUR NOT OWED Anything!!! Especially my Vagina lmao...Nigga your CRAZY if you think that!

What constitutes "TALKING" nowadays?!?! That term is soo loose its amazing. Getting to know someone an actually "Talking" is two completely different things.

Getting to know YOU:

1) Exchanging numbers

2) Go out here or there once a week or every two

3) Light convo, likes an dislikes

4) Still figuring out what role they will play

TALKING to someone:

1) Talk to them DAILY or try too

2) Your spare time is OUR time!!!

3) We're in LIKE next transition maybe L@??!
4) Where do we stand what's OUR future...do we have one? Could he be THE 1?

Soo..I Stress ladies and gentlemen... DON'T get them twisted! Just because we been out 4 times in the last two months. By all means, don't make YOU and I an US if even a potential. If I'm still getting to know you, we are NOT talking. If I don't KISS YOU...we are NOT talking. If my tooth brush is NOT in your bathroom...WE DO NOT Talk!!! If I talk to you, than I talk to NO ONE else cuz I'm tryna see where WE are going. If we didn't have that discussion about US as a NOW... with BOTH parties on the same page, then WE don't exist. I'm straight, I don't know about you. I'm trying to get to know someone and decipher the bullshit along the way.

Sex is not a given. An with the STD an Aids rate in D.C., what's the damn rush. I KNOW my status but nigga I don't know yours. DO YOU!?!? An its a way you go about things, an interact with women. If I feel disrespect than Fuck You! an I don't even curse at men....HONESTLY! But if I feel disrespected cuz your being THIRSTY...its just like "This Can't be life".. Nigga you can't be Serious. An if soo then, KICK ROCKS (K.R. like Lou says), cuz you showing ya colors, an hangging yourself. I don't rush to Bed NO ONE, an your no different.

An if your Not a Creep or plain Press, you wouldn't stress it. If you do, you won't get the woman you want, by Bashing! Tisk tisk tisk... Especially if you want or care for her.


gor(jess). said...

ughh , this post is on point i must say.

cus really dudes swear they got it , like its something added to the prize ...lol they know its on && poppin if they stick around ..hell no; put in work then well see.

Anonymous said...

Our brothers fail to realize that the women that demand "time and work to be put in, in order to get in" are the keepers!! The "goons" that have no patience and give up the fight after a few conversations are weak; and probably aren't worth a classy lady's time.

Lets get it together fellas

Sherri Anna Mae Bullock said...

Boundaries, wrote a song about it, like to hear? Hear it goes......... Nothing great in life comes easy, NOTHING!!! Or free for that matter. So to my sistas,please dont give it up easy, because those who DONT will have to deal with the temper tantrums that my girl is facing now!!!

Uptown Folife said...

Well well well, I made the blog, lol. Thats whats up, cause Fav and Sherri are my homies and they always have good convo.

Now here is my out take. I agree that being thirsty will often not quench the thirst. I agree that people should make a wise decision as whether or not to have sex. But I dont agree with is having a concrete date as to when that interaction will take place. I believe that connections are based on a vibe and putting a limitation on that limit in unnatural. I respect Sherri's point of view and her morals, I think if you stand for nothing you fall for anything.

*Word for the women - A man will fake a lifetime for a nut and a woman will fake a nut for a lifetime.*

Waiting 3 months could be all a facade just to Get the Drawls. But you could find the most sincere, honest and charming person in your life and you hit it off crazy and you choose not to "DO IT". He could feel you dont like him as much as he likes you and you loose a "Good one" we all have insecurities, remember that. I think I went all over the place, I have DJ Money spinning in my ear, literally, lmao.

Maurice said...

Ahhh From My experiences
Women Are The Ones That Just Gotta Kill Their Curiosty
I Can Hold Out On Sex...But The Last Few I Have Encountered Put It Out There...What I mean By Out Is Their Vagina's...Like They Made It That EASY...1 Date/Chill Session And Hey We In There..And These R Respectable Young Ladies... Not No Straight Out Freaks...
Not to Be Cocky but Maybe Its Just Me..IDk lol
But I Have Come Across This Multiply Times..

The One Chick I Actually Fell for didn't Give It Up Till Like 2 months into meeting and talking...
So I guess That Say Alot About The Time Aspect

Faviola said...

LMFAO!!! Dear Poon poon, You goin Pay What you owe!!!... Wtf? F@%K You Mean :~)

Trill said...

This is real shit but if a women is weeding niggas out, weed them out with your own money. I know niggas who take ladies out and wont get mad if she picks up the tab or the check. Woman who date i feel you 100% do you weed the weak niggas out. but do it at your own expence.

dj said...

lol wow, what crazy about this is that I actually agree with it.

RayRay said...

Sad to say but as a guy myself I agree with Sherri's 3 month rule. Before when a girl told me that, I took it as a joke and didn't take her serious anymore. But as I grew older and more mature I jye think thats the right thing to do as we now know what the HIV/AIDS rate in the DMV is. Before doing anything with anyone I require to know all about you so to start off with the phone calls and going out to eat or whatever 3 months will actually fly by very quickly. Also I think there are just as many women that are as thirsty as guys now a days. On some real shyt tho if I'm about to get into a serious relationship with you I want to know who ur status, and said to say but I jye wanna now your credit score as well.

DynamicDiva said...

With everything going on I think it's very important to "weed" men out and men should be doing the same. If you're actually looking for a partner, and not some jump-off, you should be willing to invest the time to learn about that person, whether it's a month, 3 months or longer. Not to sound cliche but I honestly believe good things come to those who wait.

Q Diddy said...

I apologize in advance for the length of my comment, lol.

I think that when you choose to have sex is totally situational. As an adult, you already know if you're gonna give it up or not. Truthfully HE already knows if you're going to give it up or not. So I say why play around?

I've heard two comments from both a male and a female regarding this topic recently that really stuck with me.

Just because the man is waiting for you while you're holding out, doesn't mean that he's not getting it from somewhere else. So in essence, he's not really waiting. IMO he's worse than the man you're trying to weed out. The ones who give up are the quitters. They're easy to get rid of. However, the one's who'll stay around and "wait" fo you. They're the ones to worry about. They'll do WHATEVER it takes to get what they want...lie, cheat, steal...whatever.

The other said If you have a 3 month rule, and you only see one another maybe once per week for 3 or 4 hours in that timeframe, then your 3 month rule just got chopped down to a 48 hour rule and you gave it up in 2 days (give or take a day), LMAO...

I totally understand women wanting to wait. I also understand men who want women to stop playing the games (that you guys have driven us to play). However, what I can not understand is a "man" who thinks that you owe him because he took you out a couple of times. DONT BE SO PRESSED. If you want your $200 back, you can have it! It's nothing. YOU made the decision to take me out. If you wan't me to be an adult about giving up the cookie, why can't you be an adult about taking a woman out because you WANT to? Because if we're going to start doing stuff just because we might get something in return, then I'm just gonna go ahead and start charging niggas up front for my time. No need to play around when we can be strait open and honest with this. So $150 for the first 30 minutes, and $25 each additional 15 minutes. What's it gonna be?

Smurf said...

I agree with Q, How old are we? not going to have sex for three months is childish. whats the point of that exactly? What if the guy/girl does a complete 180 after getting it? Have sex because you want to have sex, not because "we've waited long enough"
Fav that whole toothbrush thing is out of order! lol if your toothbrush is at my house we better be gettin married or something
I think there's just a miscommunication and verbiage issue at hand, when I say I'm just talking to someone the context of it usually means that its nothing serious, we're talking casually, I prefer more clear terms like "We're dating" leaves no room for anything to be misconstrued.

CocktailOurTee said...

Okay, so I've finally made time to comment on this, since my name's in it...

I think the men who have it firmly planted in their heads that if they buy a woman a dinner or two, then they're owed some "poon" are CRAZY! If I owe you anything, then it MIGHT be that I owe you a dinner... Please don't think that my treasure box is worth only $30. You MUST be sniffing something if you have that impression. And if you ask me out, then why do I have to return the favor. If I'm asking, then that's a different story. I didn't ask you to ask me to go out (you keeping up? lol)...

Get to know me, spend some time, invest more than a couple dollars, and by that I don't mean money. Invest on a personal -intellectual-this cold be going somewhere later- level. THEN I MAY consider taking things further with you.

Someone said having a 3 month rule is childish... no what's childish is giving it up just because you want it that way. We're not 18 anymore, I'm not experimenting, I know what sex feels like already, what I DON'T know is YOU! I need to know you have both feet planted on the ground first before I let you explore my insides.

And another thing. It's everyone's right to CHOOSE who they want to sleep with! There shouldn't be pressure to make a split second decision. Can I get a minute? It may take me a week or it may take me 3- months! LoL That's my Bobby Brown (prerogative)! And it's up to you to decide if you want to stick around. That's your choice. Believe me, I'm not depending on you to eat... and if I was, it's not hard to find someone else who will feed me as well as get to know me! And I might return the favor!

K, I'm done! Finally. ;)