Thursday, April 9, 2009

Men who Front!!!

"There's no Future in Fronting!!!" ~Positive K

So I'm out with my brother from another mother Bengy the other day, grabbing a quick bite. Update session in process, like usual. So we began to skim over the last six years, among other things that day. It was hilarious! It started by me making comments about his wedding, an him wondering how we got to there. No, he's not anywhere close, but he did say maybe in three years. So we hit the time line on people we dated, an how things went about. Soo many memories, in such a short time span. He caught me of guard with somethings, I wasn't even aware about. You know we all have an understanding of our own situations. But when someone else see the exact same thing, it's refreshing and comical to say the least.

So we get into this discussion about dudes, an how they front for no reason. He didn't understand, as well as I. We was talking about a time I dated someone for about ten months, but they played it so cool. It was when me an Bengy first met, a long time back. The dude really liked me but, he was insecure that I was just going to trade him in for someone better. That was never the case but, that is what he assumed I guess. Bengy told me how one time they were riding out to meet these girls an I called. I asked my boy where he was, an he said seven/eleven. Obviously lying, but I didn't know. Then I allegedly asked him to come by after. He than made Bengy turn the car around an said I gotta go back. Mind you, they were about to pay the tolls, an Bengy didn't want to go alone. He was like are you serious??? My boy than replies yes! It was early on, an from then Bengy knew my boy was fronting. But he said, he neva put him on blast when he tried to play it cool, but he always knew the deal.

I already knew the deal, but it didn't matter to me. I just stopped talking to him because, I can't have more heart than any man I date. I don't fake cuz there's no future in fronting. Bengy was like, that boy couldn't handle a girl like you honestly. He needed someone he could control or who was insecure. I'm social, sought after an I'm chill. So if your always wondering about the next guy, odds is you won't last. If you like someone and care for them, why dumb it down? Cuz what happens is when y'all are over, everyone comes after her. They don't respect what y'all had cuz you knocked it to begin with. They figure well, y'all were just talking...It wasn't serious...So now you can become my girl...I won't waste your time! You trying to play games in turn is playing yaself!!!

You'll be left singing this.....
"I want my Baby back" :Fabulous
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