Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back to Reality

Ok, I know I aint shyt! lmao I haven't updated in like a week really, but LIFE got the best of me. Easter came! Along with my lovely Easter basket, filled with goodies. Spent it with some people I love the most like my own fam, an chilled out. That pup is "Fatty" my guard dog. :~) He was in my Easter basket, so I named him after the person who brought him to me. I must admit, I booted the shit outta him earlier. The life size Fatty annoyed me, and the pint size one was actually there to take the stress out on.

I don't know why when I'm happy, I just put my life an heart on cruise control. I really don't be giving a damn until someone stops the music. I tapped out for a good minute on this natural high. I got snapped on a lot last week, because of it. For cancelling dates an not answering phone calls an ex'n some people out altogether. But it was a GREAT week regardless. Ha! Great Easter! I got some new Fendi glasses dat Fatty syced me wit, and Lou's birthday popped off the weekend. Me an my boo's {Cherry an Macko} had a BALL!!! Besides some people that tried to cuff me up while I was there, it was great. I had to tell some people to fall back, but everyone had tons of fun. An that's all that mattered. I can't wait for my 25th!

Saturday! I was in complete DETOX mode. Hit up Corner Stone at UMD for lunch an spotted some friends. Then hit up the Estate that night. Saw my #Tad crew, an chilled out for a min. I had no intentions of going out since I had a photo shoot Sunday, but they GOT me! Ended up coming in at 3:40am. Then I had to ride out Hardford rd B-more by 12pm for the shoot for Envious. Found out on the way back, I had my first radio show with "BLOGTALKRADIO" at 5pm. Our first live broadcast, with about 35 listeners **SNAPS** So I was beyond drained an tired. Headache building on swoll that night. Ended that day wit a late dinner an chilling with Fatty, instead of at Josephine's with the rest of the radio jocks. So I played hard an worked hard.

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