Saturday, April 4, 2009

Real N****S Usually = Real JOKES!


A tedious, drainful, source of energy! I either fck with you or I DON'T!!! Bang bada BOOM!!!I love my girls to death, but mind and relationship games are for the kids and birds. All the manipulation and over analyzing over the trivial is Blaaaaaaah. Kill Yaself...Seriously! Oddly enough, they're not the objective of tonight's topic. While women progress, men are lacking (In that DEPT) so spare me all the extras. We're just talking about the mind tonight. Maybe its the Henny or that its about to be four in the morning but I'm a speak on it.

Grow the Hell UP!!!... Ugh!

Y'all kill me! I've been dating recently, and surprisingly enough impressed. But I KNOW what I want, an what I'm through dealing with. Yet I still see soo many situations, with all encompassing bullshit at its BEST. If you think your a good person, when you do shady shit, your nutts. Fucking, LOCO even! lls Nice guys Don't finish last!!! BITCHES DO! If your gullible and a pushover...YOU WILL BE USED! Man or Female....Period!

If you think your gonna find what your looking for by using people?... your wrong. Whether it's for money, looks or sex..... it's not gonna work. I hate when men think its cool to give 50 or less. Its not cute to half ass someone an stay in their face an waste their time. Grow UP! If someone loves you an you hurt them... your chiiiilllllllll the fucking WORST!!! An you will reap what you sow. What kind of diluted way of thinking, do you have? You say you keep it real but if you did, you would just tell a women that you weren't about shit! All you want is sex an someone to talk too...If that! An if your not saying that, you ain't saying shit that's real. Your just a real CHARACTER!!!

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