Saturday, April 25, 2009

Old Town Alexandria

Hobo with Talent! his music puts you in a TRANCE!

4/25/09 had to have been the hottest day of 09' thus far. Another BEAUTIFUL Friday! Anyone who's in the tri-state area knows that this April has been some bulls@&%! Constantly raining for days upon ends. Enough to make you pull your hair out I swear, but the sun soon follows suit. Indirectly creating one of the best weekends in all the while. This Friday like many before, was spent with my better half. After breakfast, I decided we should capitalize on this day at hand. He was down to ride, but the destination was yet to be settled. D.C? on the Mall? Ummm No! Definitely Not Silver Spring, not that there's anything wrong with them. They've just been done to death.

He suggests the National Harbor for lunch. So we end up hitting up McCormick's for happy hr. They have these new shrimp peels, that aren't worth the dime. No flavor, No taste, with Extra oil which = PASS! On the way out I see my MSU Diva's in passing, Netta, Crys and Ki! I LOVE Ya'll!!! So what's our second destination? Fatty than said we're about to hit up Old Town Alexandria. Which I have had yet to visit, but I was down to ride. From the gate, you noticed the lovely scenic views.

The art center had over 60 art studies... Definitely WORTH the tour! A++
He put up a fuss but he loved the Art :~)

Soo Peaceful...

The Charthouse on the water was getting it popping!

It felt like we was out of towners...

That boat definitely made me think of the bayou!

I thought a boat party on her would be nice for the summer...we'll see!

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