Friday, April 10, 2009

Beautiful D.C. on Good Friday!!!

So today's Good Friday and D.C. must be in the know of things, cuz it's the place to be. The entire area is out basking in the glow of things. I saw everyone eating ice cream and kids climbing trees. I didn't even want to go out this morning, cuz I had a long night before. But my friend surprised me this morning. I was told to be ready in an hr... an I was (barely). Got to the car, an Hershey kisses awaited me. I see someone takes time to read my status's... GREATLY appreciated. Then the voyage began.

Spring can bring the sun roof down!

Stopped by "BusBoy's an Poets" for lunch, and purchased Toni Morrison's "Tar Baby". I'm in the mood, for a good read on this Good Friday. Then off to enjoy downtown D.C. on this beautiful day. I had to take pictures and my friend was happy to be my accomplice.

You know I had to see the CHERRY BLOSSOM'S!!!

It was beyond pretty, standing underneath them!

After I took this pic, I made it my phone background! :~)

I literally was running out the car for these shots! My partner in crime got cursed out today for stopping in traffic... but uhhh who cares! Those people need to smell the blossoms!!!

Partner in crime...

Getaway Car... Daisy

Everyone was sitting everywhere, enjoying the day!

D.C. Never looked so Beautiful!
Ohh! I hope you like my camera skillz...I'm new to this. lmbo!

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