Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Circle of Trust!

With me, you either in it or your out. Trust is an extremely strong term, an once its lost its hard to find. Some people take it for granted actually. You might say...Who does that??? YOU! You do! Friends betray one another, all the time. But the trust of the heart is the worst betrayal of all. Cuz once they have your heart, your no longer in control. You've blindingly trusted them, hoping for the best, with such a delicate treasure.

When I put trust in someone, its a big deal. I believe in you, to an up most degree which I hold no other. People say a lot of shit, but the ones you let in your circle are another story. Whatever they say or do pulls weight over anyone else PERIOD! I hate it when, someone will question me about how I interact with them and another. Like... "he/she did you aint trip about that" My response is "What's YOUR NAME? Your not him/her so don't concern or confuse your self with them." An don't dry snitch on someone, to make yourself look better in my eyes. I know a coward dies with each sun rise!

But if your one of the fortunate few, I've opened up too, its all on you. A person can say a whole lot. But their words hold no substance, without the weight of their actions. If someone constantly fcks up, then they'll be pegged as a fck up! You, through time and situations, define how I perceive you. An once you've lost my trust, it takes time to rebuild it. Some people get caught up in the life around them, and make the wrong decisions. If you don't learn from them an progress, I can't have you around me. Your showing me that you don't care about your actions an my feelings. Inturn, clearly showing me that you don't care about me. Those people will be deleted! An if your allotted a second chance Don't Abuse It! Appreciate everyone in your life, because once they're gone....they are GONE!

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