Wednesday, April 8, 2009

HE Broke her Heart!!!

This entry was inspired by my friends story. He was telling me about the women that was recently storming in his life. He said, "I don't know what it is but its a lot of ex's an old girls." An most of them he wasn't feeling, because they didn't want him back then. Somewhat spiteful, but with genuine reason. Excluding one of his ex's, which he reminisced on. He started off by saying he was young, but 22 is not that young. He told me how she was the first and now seemingly, the only girl he love thus far. How they were great together, an how he did the best he could at that time UNTIL..... Until he met this other pretty girl.

So you know me, with ALL the questions.
Fav: What you do?
Did you cheat?

He quickly said...

"Naw, I ain't cheat I just dumped her."

"I was just getting tired of her all together honestly"

Or soo he thought! He ended up dating the new girl shortly after but wasn't happy. She was pretty and new but it wasn't the fit that he had. He realized he made a HUGE MISTAKE, so he tried to get her back. He told me how he dumped the other girl an was relentless in his attempts to get her back. But she wasn't budging, he claimed. I was like we'll duh! you broke her heart an left her an you think you could just walk back in. That's not how you do the ones you love. Every relationship has its dry moment, when every things just the same, or you argue. But you work through that, because everyone goes through it. That's life, it doesn't mean anythings wrong. he was like

"An your absolutely right, but I was young minded an not thinking." ~Him

I don't know why it takes for some people to lose someone special, for them to learn. You would think that they would appreciate them an be grateful. But most get ahead of themselves, and become greedy and selfish. An always have to learn the hard way.

"A Love unappreciated is a Love Lost!"~ Me


Anonymous said...

I personally went through this exact same thing. I know what I did was wrong but been tryna get back with her for a year now, and has work.but the toughest part is in trying to get back, u ignore some of the good ppl who are trying to get to know you. The experience was tough, and I know I still love the woman but sadly we can never be together. I will never recommmend another guy friend of mine to dump another their woman to be with a pretty girl because the pain u will go through will be 10xpainfully than she will when u first dump her.but now we are the best of friends, I had to earn that.

Anonymous said...

22 is not that young? Yes it is people on average live to 75 years old. With that being said, being young is not an excuse to make a mistake. Unfortunately you learn through experience whether good or bad. And as my Grandfather used to tell me, "Experience is the worst teacher, it gives the test before presenting the lesson"

Faviola said...

Your Grandfather was a wise man... that was a good quote! lmao

Apple said...

Don't it always seem to go that u don't know what u got til it's gone.

The female and male psychy's live on different planars until about 30 sumthin. And unfortunately habituation is a much stronger force with men. My advice to the gentlemen out there trying to find their way n life w/ someone else n tow, Truly take ur time and think thru EVERY life decision u make. We r race car drivers by nature, and this NASCAR circuit has many tracks to conquer. Just remember u can't win without a strong team and a good car. Ur team can help u repair ur car but only u can steer it's path to victory. And that car can whether a lot as long as u take care of it. Find the car that works afterall, then only endorsement u need comes after u cross that finish line and receive ur checkered flag!

Hope u can smell what I just dished out.