Friday, April 10, 2009

Puffy done made Cassie SNAP!

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Puff???

Why in the mist of dating someone who hurts you, your hair is the FIRST change you make??? Women tend to cut, color, weave their hair, after or towards the end. Some believe your hair stores energy from the roots. So when that bad energy's gone, so must the hair somehow. India Arie shaved her hair completely bald after her break up. As well an Lauren Hill and Britney Spears. Puffy is known to ruin artist and women... All I'm saying is learn from history!

Do you see the pattern???

Hope its not too late....LMFAO
{But this maybe a serious matter...time will tell}

1 comment:

Chill Moody said...

maybe im tripping, but i'm digging cassie with the half du. she's still sexi to me, and its also kinda flyy.