Saturday, April 4, 2009

Disease love

This topic came about in the Craziest way.... APRIL FOOLS! So since I was 19, the typical joke on April 1st was to say your pregnant!!! I know its mean but its HILARIOUS... whether you trick your parents, man, or brothers. My brothers was about ready to KILL my ex one year. So anyway its 2009 an the same joke neva gets old. I see my boi pissed in his facebook status. He was like "All you damn girls calming to be pregnant... dammit I hope you are cause that's what you deserve!" LMAO Sheesh! All that though??? An then he goes on to say "Come up with something different instead of using the same tired ass jokes. Just say your burning." Which means, just say you have an STD. Then he says "You still have to go to the clinic to fix both issues regardless." Now I thought the last part was mean, but that's neither here nor there. lls I don't believe in abortions, but to each is own..Its YOUR body.

But the clinic part stood out to me. It was a crude joke, but funny none the less. So I told my friend, in turn wondering

"What if you got something a clinic couldn't cure?"

How funny would that actually be??? What do you do in life afterwards? I wouldn't want to have that on my consequence. To give someone a disease that they can't get rid of to satisfy a urge! What do you do? So my butt goes to GOOGLE, cuz it of course knows all. An I start looking up dating sites for Herpes, Aids an STDS in general. I didn't even know they EXISTED! Amazed I was, but damn they need love too. I guess someone said "Why spread it." An I applauded the thought and gesture...

{Clicking the names will take you directly to the sites!!!}

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