Monday, April 6, 2009

MTV's "Taking the STAGE"

**SNAPS** MTV for actually getting real African American teens in front of the camera, who aren't in the worst possible condition.

I don't know about you, but I lost faith in MTV a long time ago. I remember being in high school, an watching MTV's MADE. The episode was about, two cheerleading squads. The white squad were champions like usual, an the poor little black squad could barely do flips an afford uniforms. Livid I was. Starring at the screen like SERIOUSLY people. It was 2000 then, an America was still ignorant. I'm sure there was millions of people who only thought cheering was a "Betty" sport. An only cute when little poor black girls brought their sass. They never brought both cultures to be displayed on the same level. Rarely would you ever see white trash along side the affluent black.

Every time I watched the "REALWORLD" you can always see the crazy black man or Oreo! An Oreo is a term used for a black person who has no correlation with any forms of black speech an heritage. I NEVER saw the black boys an men in my life everyday. Not the ones I would date an have gone to school with. Usually the ones that I wouldn't look twice at actually. I've only saw one representation over the years, an that was THEO! Shell wearing, fine ass, will tell you about yaself Theo. But now, years an years later MTV has stepped up an delivered with Taking The Stage.

About five Seniors at a performing Arts school with exceptional talent. You would assume by their various shows that you might find one token black child. But ohhh no! We have Jasmine the ballerina, Tyler the hip hop extraordinaire and Malik the drama queen, dance perfectionist. Along with their amazing entourage of friends who beam talent, they're all black. You mean to tell me MTV has an all black cast of intelligent black talented students? WOW! Expect for little miss Mia, who isn't a candidate for the NAACP. She has Skiiilllz! That girl has talent pouring out of her fingers! If she makes it into the industry, I hope she doesn't change.

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kateFS08 said...

Wow, Faviola - We love that you love the show and the talented cast. Hope you enjoy tonight's episode and the rest of the season just as much!

Kate and MTV