Thursday, January 28, 2010

When it comes to Sex you strive for Second Best

It seems like Boyfriend #2 was a hot topic. Primarily being, that so many can relate. Whether you were/are that boy or girl on the side, or the gluttonous partner. I understand, most people do what they can. How can you cheat, if you have no prospects? But who willingly signs up to play second string? I just think of Mad TVs "Lowered Expectations" jingle, every time. You signed up to be a loser.

If you just want sex... Get what you want, an proceed to move on. What is this "EMOTION" nonsense? Feelings!!! Why? What is the purpose? What is your purpose? I use the term loser, because there is no prize for second. No one cares, but YOU!

"If Your Not First Your Last" -Ricky Bobby's Dad

Their heart already belongs to another. Your more or less the scavenger, patrolling for leftovers. Hoping for a fresh cadaver. My heart goes out to the ones that refuse to let that register. Nooo, you can't meet the homies. Nooo, you can't meet the folks. Nooo, there will be no photos of "US" cuz "US" doesn't exist. It just is what it is. You maybe cool, but I'm still undergoing me, before I can process you.

An what happens quite often, sadly, is that #2 is dismissed either way of it. The obvious being, their choice has reconciled with his/her's partner. Or after all is said and done, realizing that #2 was just enough for the moment. A lot of people you normally wouldn't entertain, seems charming when your not happy. Anything, starts looking better then your situation. Then once you've gone an regrouped. You realize, #2 wasn't more th
en a mere security blanket. An just as a child, you out grow them.

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