Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boyfriend #2 Always gets Screwed

My friend Raphael is overseas with a gripe. He asked me to discuss a topic, he couldn't understand. So for this, I need clearance ladies.

If your man has you crying a lot, forcing you to seek refuge in another. Why not leave him? Why do women stay with the man that hurts them, instead of upgrading. When you have suitors at your disposals, who are willing to go above an beyond... why dismiss them?

Do good women settle for misery instead of
embracing good company?

Women will nag, cry and complain about a man daily. All the while, loving him up. Love is a god given drug. The worst of its lows, is still higher then being alone to some. An even if you have an option to pursue greener pastures, most are content. Stagnant, in a self inflicting sentence, with no hopes of parole. Maybe it's the fact, some women see more potential in their partner than is logical at times. They think it's a phase, and prays that he mature. Hoping that's there's MORE, to what they signed up for.

Boyfriend #2 is just what we call a ringer. They're merely for entertainment, and self indulging purposes. Like a five hour energy boost. They give you life an joy for an instant, before you crash on your reality's of life. You don't want a change. You just want "HIM" to change, an provide that boost you seek elsewhere. Men do it to, and often. You know damn well he's not leaving his wife. It really wasn't an option. You was just entertaining the notion an possibilities, of what could be. A lot of women don't what a new model. Just an upgrade of their product.


NightFall914 said...

I never understood the thinking here.

Your boyfriend #2 That in itself says you aint gonna be the winner in this situation. And even if she does leave to be with you.You think she wont do to you what she did in leaving him as soon as you don't act right or she sees a chance for another upgrade?

It's all about the decisions we make u know. She shouldn't lower her self to hang and cling on to a lame and a the side guy should respect himself not to get sprung on an involved female.

myssmodelstar said...

maybe its just because bf #2 is just in a "friend" zone that's why he's there for advice. he probably doesnt posses the same qualites as bf #1 (beyond the arguing stuff) & she's put time & effort into bf #1 that she's just not ready to see go up in smoke. & there's also that thing that SOME women like to do which is try to "change" a man, which never works. all in all bf #2is there for comfort and should sometimes stick to his position until SHE'S ready to upgrade him & herself. who's to say bf #2 is Mr. Right, what if bf #2 is the same as bf #1 & he's faking the shit out himself just to be with her.

charles said...

i agree somewhat with NightFall014 but I cant agree with myssmodelstar.

If she does leave #1 to be with #2 then its #2's job to keep her there. she wouldnt have the option of #2 if #1 was doing his job

And BF #2 is not always in the friend zone. He will almost always go out his way to make the woman happy. I have been #2 before and its not a good feeling. I was explained that it was hard for her to just cut it off completely cause she "loved" him so much. I just had to be patient for the chips to fall my way.

But you cant get comfortable at #2 cause who's to say that she wont replace #1 with someone else and keep you at #2. Its a difficult situation no matter who you are. #1 has to worry about his girl leaving. #2 has to stay in his lane and wait. And the woman has to decide if its worth staying and if not will the switch be worth it and not the 80-20 rule.

xoTonyaCole said...

BF#2 can't ask this question ever! Because he is basically doing the same thing. Holding on to someone who isn't giving him what he deserves. BF#2 why aren't you leaving her? Probably for the same reasons she won't leave him. *ding*

You see something special in her right? ha!

It's really just a vicious cycle. The same thing that BF#2 complains about he actual perpetuates through his actions.

BF#2 she comes to you when BF#1 is acting like an ass. She seeks refuge in you. You allow her to keep going back to him. You rejuvenate her and give her strength when he has weakened her. You set her back on her feet and she walks to him strong then what he left her. She is able to continue to put up with the BS because of you. It sucks right? I know!

Imagine if you weren't there. She would be left to actually deal with her situation head on. No safety net to soften the blow.

If all the BF#2's decided they were better off and women were left with shitty ass BF#1's it would get old fast I promise!!!

And ladies let's be real he's probably a shitty BF#1 because he's someones BF#2 smfh

You love her...She loves him...He loves someone else!!!!

myssmodelstar said...

Okay yea, I agree w/ what yall are saying about BF #2. Its a vicious cycle either way you look at it.