Monday, January 25, 2010

If being MEAN turns you On. {{POOF}} Be Gone!

Why the Hell do men think being Ignorant an Crude is Cute???

Does it all trace back to trade school? The boys who tripped me up an pulled my hair. To then only, turn around and give me ice cream money. I just don't get it. Back then it was fair to say, boys will be boys. What's a Man's excuse? I know that everyone has their day, and some women are Bitches! Understandingly so. But why do men carry on about as females at times? I can take a joke an walk it off, like the best of them. But there's a fine line between Joke & JERK! One makes me laugh, while the other...? No applause. I was never turned on by disrespect. Being mean is NOT a form of intrigue.

I know some women are too sensitive but screw that, it's getting ridiculous. I developed thick skin through yrs, understanding it's ok to laugh at ones self. My brothers aided me with that. Hearing "MAN UP" time after time, will eventually do that to you. An I can admit. When I don't like someone, it's EASY to be "Thee' Bitch". I'm talking total definition here. Although, if I considered you a friend and or at least; cared for you in some way, it's something I cannot do. Simply, one of things that's not in my character. For the mere fact, once I extend myself to someone, they hold a part of me to some extent.

Yet I marvel, by how some men can be so petty and calculated. An over the slightest, trivial things at lengths upon lengths at a time. Men talk about bitter women. But how can you handle a "Bitter" man? Is it fair to say, call it a loss a run the other way? No! I hope that I'm capable of evolving in any relationship. Just because I don't date you, doesn't mean you should make me hate you. Partners come and go but friendship withstand time. An if you know within yourself that my joy with another is unbearable to you. Then extract yourself. Don't become snide, curt and abrasive at all times therein after. No one should ever be constantly walking on egg shells, dissecting each comment. I wish well to all those I come in contact with in-spite of, if our roads do split. I end this to say no friendship should ever burden, offend, or be consumed by ill intent. I don't ever want to regret a friendship. Keep in mind, it is you that show me who YOU are so don't be mad by what I see.


Angela said...

Its sooooo funny how I was saying this yesterday about this dude whom I dont speak to & haven't spoken to in almost 6months, now all fo a sudden he's hitting me up & saying smart little comments, but for what ?! Are you still bitter that the psuedo-thing we had I ended it for something REAL ?! MAN UP. Get over your damn self. If being an asshole to me makes YOU feel better then by all means do what you do. But do it sublinmally because im tired of reading it directly to me.

ChickVsCharles said...

Some women like the "bad boy" guys and most of the time it's the good girls who do. But guys tend to be jerks towards people they like. I know I was guilty of this back in high school which is why I probably didn't get anywhere with them. I guess I figured if I was rejected it wouldn't hurt as much because of the fact that I was an asshole.