Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Black Girl Chile Please

Angry Black Woman
Black girl, why you soo LOUD?!?!

There's a lot of black women who don't know their boundaries. It is alright to be educated, strong willed, and successful by all means. But don't get it twisted, PLEASE check yourself! Some black women, are so aggressive in everything they do. That their whole demeanor, comes off hostile. An this isn't something new. That very issue, is why a lot of women are single. In turn, pushing black men to date outside their race. Not that there's anything wrong it. To each, is own.

But speaking on the behalf of men, from what I've seen. Some, if not a lot of you sisters, are flat out bold beyond belief and disrespectful. Many people are mad at Chris Brown, with good reason. Yet, some women walk that line constantly. Just because, you know its wrong for a man to hit you. Doesn't mean you should test him, until he do. What is wrong with you? You wouldn't dare run off at the mouth to another woman like that. So where did that heart come from? Please stop taking advantage. Because, if a grown man barked and demeaned you. The way I see most women come off, he would be the utter worst. It shouldn't take you almost getting "Mollywhooped" to know your position. Other cultures don't talk to their men that way. If they do, its in the confines of their home. Not the mall ,or over a friends house. It's a lack or respect, and I don't know where the disconnect came from. There's a time and place for everything.

An it's far worse, when I see a woman come off to a man she don't even know, that way. It's like what gives you the gull? the audacity? Why are you so mad? It could be a simple function, where a man is speaking on something and a women interjects. Say your piece but be respectful, and move on. Some women badger, loud and over-talk a man to be heard. There's not need for that. If your point has a purpose, it will be heard. I don't care if your sitting next to my man, an he says the sky is red. You can tell him its blue. But, it's not your place to yell and scream till he understands. Or we will have an issue! Don't reprimand my man. Cause, then I'm going to really piss you off. I'll say the sky is red bitch. Thee End! An trust, you and I will not match wits! I'll inform him on any matters he isn't willing to understand... ok? lmao

Some women don't know what battles to fight or how to talk. Everything isn't a yelling contest. An if you don't know that man, why are you so quick to disrespect him. You shouldn't do what you preach isn't right.


{Ms. P} said...

Its all about BOUNDARIES. People just don't adhere to them anymore.

Everybody's so "go hard", with no regard to anyone or anything else.

myssmodelstar said...

Its soooo funny ! I just told my girl the other day that she has to learn when to pick her battles with here NOW EX boyfriend. theres definitly a time and place for everything and liek you said in public, aroudn family & friends is NOT one of those places