Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Da Fellaz Movement!

More than a PARTY... a Movement!

An origination of Black Influential Men
of the DMV who was founded by friendship, which birth a business.
Eleven Men with Eleven views that expand into unlimited portals of Entertainment.

Mindstream Radio
"Discussing the importants of Mentor-ship and Role Models"

Kevin "Luciano" Perry & Kevin "Scooty" Hallums

Da Fellaz "Social Forum"
"Discussing Life, Family and Relations of the Urban Community"

Zimstone Art Gallery

I know I can't club every night for the simple fact... there's MORE to life an the DMV area which Da Fellaz Provide. Along with a monthly book club, they supply options. Parties, Radio, Live Video Discussions, Social Forums, Annual Crab & Coronas Cookout, Book Club along with current avenues constantly being developed. You'll be sure to get familiar quite soon enough.


fortyoneacres said...

I'm really enjoying the fact that young black males are wanting to do something positive for the black community not to mention that it actually involves reading.

Kimesha said...

Love these guys :-)