Friday, January 15, 2010

A Call From Haiti

As you know, the last three days been some what worrisome. As some of y'all may know I'm Haitian, and the bulk of my family still remains in Haiti. My mother's side is from Jeremie, while my father's half hail from Cap-Haitien. Being that my grandma (on my mother's side alone) birthed 12 children, you can only imagine the size of my family. Not being able to watch the news, in fear of crying, was trying situation. Being unable to reach anyone was ultimately scary, to say the least. Yet a change came this morning. My mom received a call from my uncle Mario, stating there where abouts and current health. How everyone is Port-Au-Prince, is being advised not to enter their homes. Due to safety conditions, and forced to live in tents along side.

The reason this is soo tragic, is because they weren't prepared. There are no Earthquakes in the Caribbean. Haiti's last Earthquake was 200 yrs ago. Our houses are made of concrete, not bricks, plaster or wood. They're built, Hurricane ready. Rain, flood and strong winds are our thing. So when a three story hospital, made of concrete collapse... understand the magnitude. That isn't something firefighters can just run up in, or someone you can bulldoze. Then add that to the structure on every home. If you have a concrete house that cracks in half, how do you repair that? This isn't ABC's Extreme Makeover! So I'll continue to keep them in my prayers.

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mangorene said...

I am glad that you heard word from your uncle. Your family and everyone in Port au Prince will continuely be in my prayers.