Monday, January 11, 2010

Choosy Lover!

I can be all that and more ...for?

One thing I admire from most men, is the willingness "Not" to give their entire self to any and everyone. A lot of women complain and complain about how they're drained, from this and that man. Does every man deserve the best of you? You deserve what you get, if you say yes. Going into any situation, you kind of have a sense of what you expect.

If your having fun then, you should go in with a lighthearted mentality. There should be no impromptu marriage speeches. I know your clocks ticking, but so are his nerves by this point. You need to back up and off. The need for structure and babies is a personal problem, your now extending outside its reach. Progression takes "TIME" and "Communication" not demanding stipulations. If your not all ready in a serious relationship pushing for the same goals, don't get beside yourself. Because most likely one party will be confused while another hurt.

Your whole objective from the start should be getting to know someone. Then, on what levels you plan to go with that person. It seems easy for men to decipher their friends, kid sisters, f*ck buddies, wifey etc. Soo why is it that, so many women bare their soul to every man they like. Every guy can't be the one. An it shouldn't take a Dr. visit saying you have Chlamydia, being the first sign. If a man values you, he will let you know. They don't play with their feelings. Unlike most women they take their time, before they extend themselves. They understand, it's a lot at steak. Letting someone into your world, life and heart is a tumultuous process.

I'm so loving, open, honest and giving with that one I love. That its so easy to shut it off, in all facets not pertaining to him. I'll go that extra mile.. for Him! I'll bear that extra burden.. for Him! The light of joy will lift up my heart.. FOR HIM! Not them!!! You have to understand that everyone else is JUST anyone else. Everyone doesn't deserve the same treatment. An when that processes, you won't be off crying every year due to someone else. Choose wisely!

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ChickVsCharles said...

Man if this blog doesn't hit the hammer on the nail I don't know what does. You are dead on right with men taking our time with extending ourselves. Women seem to open up a lot more than us. But why is that? I keep hearing women say that men don't express their feelings enough but then I read statuses on these social networks stating "niggas actin like bitches" referring to us getting emotional. I quite frankly don't understand it. I think we all want something until we get it and then we switch up and want something else.