Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bitter Boy Blues

Boooo Fck'n Who!
You can't get the Boo you choose
Cuz she loves that OTHER Dude!

Soo sing those Bitter Boy Blues....

In the past few months, me an my girlfriends ran into a peculiar strand of men in the DMV. They were ambitious, charming, outgoing and aggressive. Most of you would say "Hey! I need a man like that". An that's what they thought at first, until time begun to "WEED" them out. Overly aggressive and pushy in all instances. There's a difference for fighting for what you want and harassing. It's fine to be out going but only as much as both are willing to be. Becoming Forceful, Badgering, or placing Guilt in order to get the one you want is ridiculous. Some men aren't comfortable with walking away knowing they weren't able to attain that person.

It may not have nothing to do with that man, in reasons why she didn't want him. She could of possibly been overwhelmed by life. Enjoying your company doesn't equated to seeking a relationship. She could of just very well left a relationship. Wherein she's mostly likely still in love with that person. Whether in denial about going back or proceeding forward, its "HER" call. No matter how good y'all conversation was, or how great you proclaim you'll treat her. Love trumps any forms of "Like" .....PERIOD! "I'm in Like with you", doesn't compare to "I'm in Love with him!"

Some men can self destruct, with no help but there own. Depending on the female and her turn offs! I don't care how "Fly" you think you are, you may not be her type. Just because you had what it takes to get my attention, doesn't mean you had what it took to keep it. Reasons vary according to the individuals, but "NO-ONES" exempt. Get OVER YOURSELF!!! It's not the end of the world if you don't get the girl. Stop stomping around like someone stole your bike. She was never yours to begin with. Women fight over men constantly, due to the ratio of men/women. Were costumed to regrouping and moving forward everyday, on a broken heart. So why must it be unheard of from men.

Things that it is "NOT OK" when you can't get the girl you want...
Talk shit about the Man she choose.

Snitch on things he may do out of spite.
{You can tell me but your still a HATER lol}

Become uncomfortably angry with that Woman

Curse and disrespect that woman because you can't have her

Just GROW-UP! On To The Next One....

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TheWriterInChi said...

I couldn't agree with u more girl. I don't know who spoiled them or allowed them to believe that this behavior is acceptable.