Saturday, January 9, 2010

Natalie Ms.I RUN LA

I RUN L.A.!!!

Soo yesterday 01/08/10 I saw the funniest thing on Twitter, spawned by lil Duval. I don't know about you, but everyone who has been keeping up with this seasons "Bad Girls Club" has a united hate for dumb, gold digging Natalie. Who constantly professes how much she "RUN L.A." through celebrity friends and money. I don't know how the rival started between her an the comedian, but I sure saw how it ended.

Jan. 8, 2010 Directly from Lil Duval

{Start from the bottom an work your way up! lmao}

  1. hey #basicassnatalie wit all that shit i said i'll still hit u tho..........WIT A FUCKING CAR
  2. Hey #basicassnatalie u think u can get yo chin to retweet my song thats about u?
  3. to all yall thats saying to yoself "all i gotta do is fuck wit duval and he'll make me a trending topic" u a fucking loser as well
  4. hey #basicassnatalie I don't care how many shows oxygen gives u you'll always be a loser in life
  5. hey #basicassnatalie chris brown said he did not fuck u but he did shoot off on yo chin and I believe him
  6. hey #basicassnatalie why is yo page private and yo pussy public?
  7. #basicassnatalie chin is the hunchback in notre dame
  8. is that moon pie face bitch still talking?
  9. yea she aint doin shit no way RT @McBreezy_ @lilduval can u get #basicassnatalie to come shovel this snow out my yard w/ her chin
  10. hey #basicassnatalie precious just direct message me and said she'd rather look biggie than look like u
  11. #basicassnatalie chin shouldve won the heisman trophy this year
  12. - #basicassnatalie i didnt know u was a superhero? u are more famous than me. SUPER CHIN!
  13. RT @TahjG: @lilduval #basicassnatalie looks like the cartoon network character Johnny bravo! Lol
  14. hey #basicassnatalie (in my joe clark from lean on me voice): "youll be dead in a year"
  15. a bitch who's built like a russian police RT @JojoTheFuture @lilduval who is #basicassnatalie
  16. hey #basicassnatalie tiger woods fucked alot of raggedy hoes and still wouldnt fuck u
  17. Hey #basicassnatalie did u get ass shots in Yo chin?
  18. #basicassnatalie #basicassnatalie #basicassnatalie #basicassnatalie
  19. I'm bout to show y'all when tryn to be famous goes wrong

Natalie PUNCHES Kendra

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