Thursday, January 15, 2009

Millionaire Rob {UNCENSORED} by: Faviola

"I'm unsigned and not looking for a deal. As of now, I'm just looking for people to enjoy my music!"
~Millionaire Rob

Fav: When you was younger, What was your {Dream Label} to sign with?

Rob: When I was younger, it was "Death Row!" Snoop Dogg and Dre, because I grew up listening to Gangster Rap. In high school it was "Roc-a-fella." They were tight!!! When I was young, I never wanted to be a rapper. Now I would sign w/ 50 cent because, he's a marketing genius. "G.O.O.D Music" because Kanye, is one of the best producers in the game. If not thee' best!

Fav: How did you feel when heard your music for the first time?

Rob: I literally wanted to shoot myself! I hated it, when I started off, I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I had to force myself non-stop to do what I was doing, an when I saw the progress I fell in love. I love my voice but, I hated how I sounded. There was no-one to teach me
. I taught myself! I didn't have a producer, or a rapper to teach me, it was me. So once I started to learn how to rap on the beat, I was in love. I'm such a hard critic, on myself.

Fav: Did you ever doubt your dream?

Rob: Hell naw, NEVER! If I told myself I was going to be a magician, I wouldn't of ever stopped till I created Magic. Cuz If you believe some shit, you could do whatever it is you want to do. An I don't doubt noone else's dream.

Fav: What artist do you think is killing the game?

Rob: I can't really say. I don't really judge it that much, but this dance music is not really me. Like "Bonjour"
(A mellow baised single) some people may hear it, an be like what the hell is this. I have to be like that, because with my art form I know someone will critique an judge it. I don't really care.

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Fav: Name you top 5 Current MC's?

Rob: In no order 50 cent, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Nas & Millionaire Rob. If I don't say myself then what am I doing. Im not no where I need to be, but if I don't believe in me then why am I here. Lil wayne is soo consistent. Jayz is killing the game. Nas is soo DOPE! Me, I feel once people hear my music, they'll understand.

"I don't listen to much rap!"~Rob

Fav: Oh you don't?

Rob: Naw I studied rap, Biggie an Eminem heavily. I listen to alot of Indie rock, alot of jazz, old school R&B Motown Era, Micheal Jackson, an Miles Davis. "Kind of Blue"- that Cd is soo Amazing! I hate television, an I watch it probably once a week. If I pop in a movie, its to fall asleep. I listen to late registration, and old snoop shit!

Fav: A question for the ladies..Do you have a girl?

Rob: Nope!

Fav: Why is that?

Rob: I don't want a cheat a girl out of that! I want to give her the time she deserves. You just need to put in alot with a girl. An at this moment, I wouldn't be able to give her the time an energy she wants. I have prospects but, I can't expect them to wait too much longer. But I love women though, all kinds. I wouldn't give a promise I couldn't keep. [Diva~STAMPED]


Rob said...

Dope Post!!!
Thanks Fav for the insightful interview

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed getting to know Millionaire Rob more. I pray he marries his music, because if so the sky isn't the limit. He will create his own limit. Cannot wait to hear more from him. I love his music.

Lexi said...

awwwww dis is so cute robby....I learned alot I didnt know... and I hope oneday u can find a way too balance your career with your love it can kind of be like having the best of both worlds....Lex

behold_a_lady said...

Nice interview, I learned alot about u. Your music is dope && u know I wish nothing but the best for you. SLOW BURNNNN! 23RD, CANT WAIT!

The Operator said...

Marc Rob is a teacher.