Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bill Cosby v.s Obama on Ben's Chili Bowl

Fighting for "Bragging Rights"

(Previous yrs. it read Bill Cosby and NO ONE ELSE)

This morning on "Meet The Press", the topic was Obama's impact on the Black community. So how typical of them to bring on the customary spokesperson, Bill Cosby. But on this Sunday morning Bill Cosby had Beef! lol When informing Cosby that he isn't the only one allotted free meals at Ben's Chill bowl. Egged on by Adrian Fenty who shouted "he said backstage that Obama hadn't earned it." Bill then joined in with an "Not only that Mr. Loose lips, I'm am saying that...two people, Michelle and his Mother in-law...I don't mind them! but HE has not earned it...You gotta come along way jack!!!" lmao Hilarious, talk about a morning wake up.

(after the 08' campaign, there was a new addition)


fuze b said...

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Eb the Celeb said...

Bill has really turned into a bitter old man... I want the old Bill to come back