Monday, January 5, 2009

What men get all wrong

Hello World! Momma's back on the scene for 09' an I got some shyt on my mind. lmao See now, I've been sick. So, I was out of commission for the last day or two but I can breathe again. *Smiles*

(This pic means soo many things to me. lmao Adorable! first off, an reminds me of my friend an how I feel when they yell. But It also symbolizes how overbearing a man can seem at times.)

Sooo when you meet a man an he's cute, funny, charming, and everything he does is golden. Your still trying to fill him out before you take that leap, or put ya cards out on the table. It can either go great or sour depending on how the current goes. Well there's a few things that guys get ALL WRONG! lmao I know I can't speak on the behalf of every woman, but I'm a say myself an the many I know.

Yes you like a woman because she is her own person. She is who she is. So why now that you like her, she has to switch this, that and this. Adjustments take time in anything especially relationships, but if you just met them.... You need to relax. Along with figuring her life, she now has to figure if she even wants you in it an how you will fit. In the beginning everything should be light fun an gravy. For the mere fact that your still trying to get to know one another. You have an idea, but your not even close. I have to let you in as a friend and as a whole.

So why do men feel like they can be SOO DEMANDING???!!!

Its crazy how when a women wants something she's spoiled or has issues. But when a man wants something, he's just READY! Ready for what??? Ready for me to serve and do everything you want me to do.

If we just met and just started talking, can you tell me what to do?
Do you have the right to tell me to sever ties with anyone in MY life? just because you have? When Im just still getting to know you and nothing is established between us???

Bashing! Ugggghh I can't stand it when any man does that. If you ever feel the need to knock down the previous person to validate yourself or to get any point across....Its wack! Its not needed, it won't help you and its a turn off. Don't ever speak down on a situation as if your knowledgeable (especially if you don't even know the other guy) and/or you wasn't involved in it because you didn't go through it. Period. I can't stand a man who talks down on another man. Focus on yourself, if your shits on point you have nothing to worry about!

"I don't understand"~Men
Do you REALLY have to understand something that has nothing to do wit you, for it to be possible?

What if I don't agree an voice my opinion....

Do you think its ok to be just done with me, because I didn't do what you wanted? Is it that easy? Did you really like me, or did/do you expect me to believe that? Is your opinion the most rational one? Do I have to explain myself? So early on do I have to really go in depth on Everything?...Really!? I'm pretty sure when you meet anyone, they're not sitting home alone waiting for you to walk into their life. They usually have other things going on if noone major, that will dissolve as things progress with you. Then that's when you discus where you are and what you plan to make it.

If I have to nod, smile and do everything they way he wants it, why do I want him? That's how I feel. No ones perfect, an when you meet someone everything naturally falls into place. Instead of someone directing and repositioning every aspect to fit they way they want it at time they want it. When they want emotion, sex, time....blah blah blah. Why can't I just like you, do my emotions have to move at the rate of yours? If I don't want to have sex when you want to, is that a problem? Are we in high school? Or maybe you feel like woman in their 20's should be more free with their sex.....hymmmm should I? (hence my sarcasm)

I just see soo many men getting what they want, and not knowing what to do with it. If something don't go their way instantly, its a problem, an issue and they're done. How about, it just didn't go your way, an maybe next time. Stop making women feel like, if they don't do what you say, or if they don't think like you, then your out the door. Cuz odds are if your that new and impatient and aggressive, you'll just make room for someone who's that relaxed fit.

Stop making Demands an Start making Plans......Just Relax! No one wants to date a nagging guy or Ike Tuner!

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