Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are you feeling like a TOMBOI today???

I've been Blessed to work w/ an know Toni Branson! I can't wait for the launch of TOMBOI!!!

.......To be continued!


Toni Branson aka T.O.M.B.O.I. said...

Yo... U threw it back to the beginning. You were holding me down then and you still are!! Its crazy to see myself then!! But please believe when its time to get things rollin, you got the exclusive! Oh and I'm feeling like a T.O.M.B.O.I. everyday!!

Anonymous said...

I love Toni!!! I
'm so proud of you and Favi!!! You babes make me smile!


TheWriterInChi said...

It was a pleasure befriending both of you ladies