Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tiss the year of BEEF!

So I'm on "Twitter" an I see Rhymefest send out a link, of his new Mixtape. An what do I see? Charles Hamilton's alter ego, hanging from a rope! {LMAO} Now being that I'm a Hamilton fan, I was like how do you go from making great music w/ Kanye'. To taking time an energy to devote an ENTIRE Mixtape to an upcoming artist. Like, shouldn't you be on some other shit??? But then he sent a Twitt short after, explaining what provoked him on his Myspace blog. Honestly after reading it, I saw his gripe. But an Entire Mixtape......dat's PREEEEEESSSSSSSED! Someone got in his FEELINGS!

Ok Rick Ross... This dude right here, this dude right herrree is wack to me. He's Not nor was he ever a BOSS! Just because your fat an tall w/ a beard, doesn't mean your a BOSS!!!! If you look up Trina's throwback video ft. Rick Ross "Told Y'all" would see what ya boss use to look like.

I Hate "Bullies" but I respect 50. He's a REAL ass man!
"I'm a fucked up nigga, you should do something to me"!!!

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