Thursday, January 1, 2009

Vision Board 09'

This is my first "Vision Board"! Which will consist of the things in my life that I love now and the things I hope to add in 09'

I love my Girls!!!

My New Radio Show I Co-host!
EVERY Wednesday 9:30-11pm

My Beloved Website! Lmao "A Diva's World Amongst Madness!"

I got a glimpse of Traveling, an I can't wait to see the world through my eyes.

Oh Bests believe, I too go to do a Sit-up or four! lmao We're gonna work it out this Year!I've worked hard all year, an this year I hope to expand my growth in every aspect.

I need to think more logically, instead of with my heart sometimes. Building a Better me Everyday!

Get that new Whip ASAP!

Strengthen my Heart! I love hard and I'm loyal, and any man who plans to be in my life will respect an Know that!

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