Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kim v.s. Faith

Now to be honest, I was a child when this was really going on. Being a young teen, I didn't really grasp the DISRESPECTFUL S#@% that Lil Kim was doing. As I look back now, I'm in awe. I like Kim an back then, I loved her music. But she deserved to get her ass beat. Seriously! Constantly throwing yourself at a married man, and having the audacity to be pissed at the wife. Blatantly flaunting your affair and love for HIM, for he Never showed nothing but friendship for crazy. In the midst of his death, publicly discussing your abortion, while his wife was grieving. That was heartless! She was so bold, cold, and calculated as she stepped into the both confessing her love for him over an over. Neglecting the fact that when he was alive, he really didn't want her. When B.I.G and Faith separated after Tupac's accusations, he sought comfort from Charlie Baltimore NOT Kim. Lil Kim didn't say nothing about it, because I figure Charlie wasn't as passive and non confrontational as Faith. lol You would of heard about that squabble on the news. But was goes around comes around, because Lil Kim had sure been THROUGH it since then. Lets address the obvious, her face which speaks for itself, and her stint in jail. If you put someone through hell it wont be long before you have to go through it ya self.

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