Monday, January 19, 2009

WTF Lil Kim???

(Ewww Boo Whhhhhy?)

So I was on my to a gathering last night, an "No time for fake ones" came on. Me an my best friend was blasting an rapping every lyric even after the DJ switched songs. Which lead me to ask, what the HELL happened to Lil Kim? She had so much promise in the beginning. I've never seen someone take the meaning "Self destruction" to whole other level.

(Possibly her surgery inspiration)

After the breast implants, she should of STOPPED! Plastic surgery is not like a tattoo sweetie. That's the last thing you'd want to get addicted too. I don't even know who that woman is for real. She isn't Lil Kim, an that's quite apparent. She looks like an old Black/Asian woman, of life size Bratz doll. Pick one! That's a testament to the people in her circle, I believe. Cuz there's NOWAY, my best friend would let me walk around looking a damn mess. So either she's hard head or surrounded by "Yes Kim's." An it's soo sad, because she use to be pretty.

"Back in the day, she was the shit, but she hot anymore, somedays I know she wish she was the Queen again!" ~Fav
(Tear drop for the fallen Diva)

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Anonymous said...

She looks like the bride of chucky