Friday, January 9, 2009


Written by: Faviola (Me)

I'm spacing out, as my thoughts to evade me. I feel emursed in a wave of intensity. Intensity from an assortment of emotions, I can't quite dissect. I'm lit up by this fire that sets my heart into a blaze. My minds drifting, as this nostalgic trance sets stage. I'm enamored by the thought of you, I want to taste you. Let my lips slip and glaze the sweetest tips of you. Sip from the honey dew, I call our high. As I breathe every breath I try to catch, I inhale in a moments laps. Caught of guard as you begin to rise, my eyes then glisten as you pin down my thighs. That gripping, that slipping into climactic plights. Washes over me, an seeps into my pornographic thoughts.

Take me, embrace me, you've captured my soul. Your metaphoric word play, was enough to seduce an dethrone. You shadowed the image of him, I can't see. Therefore it is you, envisioned for me. My hearts set aside in contempt to be free. Denying all suitors, at its gate w/ a plea. Betrayed by my king, our love was irony. Never love a man who in turn loves everything.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm old enough to read that.