Thursday, January 22, 2009


I F@&%ing HATE FOX NEWS! Bill O'riely is blatantly Racist an it Amazes me how these asshole can call themselves Journalist!

O'riely, stated that some people were "OFFENDED." Who? No one I knew was! White, Spanish, Asian, Caribbean, and Black were all Loving that remix. Oh excuse me, the racist fat cats at Fox news, that said "Gay's should turn to salt" and "Spanish people should keep doing what they're doing...having more babies" were soo offended.

Bill talks in such a negative, condescending tone, at the thought of someone hating BUSH! WTF, did he Not ruin the economy, start an preemptive war, ignore countless lives in Katrina???? Oh I'm sorry, please excuse my disgust. An to be on a nationally accredited station and spew such garbage is soo sad. REPUBLICANS LOST! An rightfully so, so GET OVER IT! An had the audacity to run with an idiot as vice president, for the following term because she had a vagina and a pretty face.

All day Tuesday, Fox News was the only station who said anything, but I mean EVERYTHING negative about Obama. They said they didn't really care for his speech, an that he said what he's was suppose to say. That there were no quotable's, an nothing primarily special about the speech. Like, SERIOUSLY???!?? Everywhere else you went, CNN, NBC, MTV, MSNBC, said the complete opposite! They couldn't even respect the day he got sworn in to not show there disdain for him. They are so petty, racist, and crass that I'll NEVER watch that channel again...PERIOD!

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Fox news has an obvious Conservative(and damn-near racist) agenda, but in my opinion all 24-hour cable news networks are ratings-driven and not to be 100% trusted.

I'm not saying don't watch CNN, MSNBC, Fox ect...I'm just saying be weary of those talking heads on cable news!

Oh yeah...Fuck Bill O'Reilly!