Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Devil is a Housewife named Tamra!

(Tamra the She-Devil)

This Broad is Scandalous, Backstabbing, Petty, Jealous and plain EVIL!!! I'm watching Housewives of Orange County in amazement right now. She's a grown ass woman, with some evil, malicious intent.

(Tamra and her son in this episode)

{Back Story} Tamra has issues w/ Gretchen, for being younger and hotter. Gretchen is with a much older man who has Cancer. Gretchen is with him everyday aiding his every need, despite of nay say-ers. Needing a break or a time alone to just breathe. Tamra being the bitch she is, can't sympathize or care. Yet, quick to send emails and set up lunches to make amends for her shady ways.

(Gretchen an Tamra's son making advances)

In today's episode, Gretchen comes from the hospital to join the girls for a seven course meal. Thrown by Tamra, she whispers to Vicki (Queen Bitch) that she plans to get Gretchen "Naked Drunk"! Constantly feeding her drinks, hoping for a compromising situation to form. Sneakily referring to her as a gold digger on more then one occasion, while feeding her drinks. Her 22 yr. old son then proceeding to seek and seduce her. Knowing Gretchen situation, why would you prey on her for self gratification or her demise. She has enough issues and is already vulnerable, as is. Tamra is missing some red horns an a damn tail.

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