Monday, January 19, 2009

The Adventures of Donghotti {UNCENSORED} by: Faviola

Felicitous Records
Donghotti Management Inc.

Fav: So, obviously you've been doing the for quite some time, how long exactly?

Don: Since 98' So I would say going on 11yrs. I pretty much started out as a recording artist, but we never really shopped a deal. We just put out things on our own.

"We Started our label by default" ~Donghotti

Fav: I'm loving there was instruments incorporate in the tracks, what would you say inspired the concept?

Don: Basically what I've done was created a collage of music or people I've worked with. In one way or another, to create this piece of work. Not just my artist but others as well.
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Now into a regular portion I called [STAMPED] A series of questions answered by every artist.

Fav: How did you feel when you heard your music for the first time?

Don: Umm man umm, it was weird! You know what I mean, especially when you hear it over club speakers an the radio its different. An to sum in one word, it pretty much was a Dream Come True. Even though, that wasn't exactly one word. lol

Fav: What artist do you think is killing the game?

Don: Umm, as far as from every aspect of the game, my favorite artist at the time is Ryan Leslie. He's a producer, writer, composer and he does EVERYTHING. Once people see and understand that, then he'll get the respect he deserves. I know if his album drops this year, it'll be prolific.

Fav: Name your top 5 current Mc's?

Don: Andre 3000, Common, Kanye', I gotta say JayZ an I gotta T.I (In no order!)

I'm definitely feeling this mixtape! It takes you wherever you want to go. Cali, N.Y, Baltimore, Philly ect... Your sure to see great thing from this up incoming Label! [Diva~STAMPED]

Songs to check for:
Swagger of a Rock Star

Ever make love to a Weirdo
Dope Boy

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