Saturday, January 10, 2009

Play Your Part!...Poem

Written by: Faviola (Me)

He gets me excited
In ways I haven't figured out
Should I use my discretion
Or have love come bail me now
I've been sought after for months, years,
He wont let it go
In-turn, always getting a reconfirming No!

He taunts me in ways decimating to my heart
I let that chapter pend before it could ever start
An now I can't unmend, our chosen counter parts
He fails to know his options and limitate his heart

I can't entertain him, or even the mere thought
For my heart has chosen, a dissolution-ed plot
My loyalty will lay on a mantel "form of art"
My devotion is to him
& why you will never embark

On the Voyage that is me
You were denied from the start
It ain't always fair
But you must play your part!


Boooogie. said...

This was beautifully written! SHEEESH! lol

Faviola said...

Thank you babe