Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the F@&%?!

So you know how I said every once in awhile you just hear something in the morning, just off the wall. That would make you say, what the F@$%??? Looks like they've done it again America.

So yesterday on Monday January 26th, 2008, and Obama's official first day at work. I so happened to come across Trash {FOX} News, an heard them mention Harpo {Oprah} so I paused. An what do you know, that crazy ass senator is at it again. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who tried to "Sell" Obama's senate seat, was going to his first day of trial yesterday. But NOT, before he hit the early talk show morning circuit people. I'm talking about grasping at straws people!!! He claimed that, he considered Oprah as a possible candidate for the seat, being as though she helped him with a victorious win. That he didn't quite know they ways to approach the situation without it looking like a "Gimmick."

NEWS FLASH!: You, running on t.v, a few hrs before trial screaming out Oprah's name to save your ass is called a GIMMICK!

Oprah said, her plan was to get up an watch "Good Morning America." An if she had woken up to see it, while doing her morning routine. Which is running the tread mill, she would of fell off laughing! She said, she didn't know where to fit in the position, among the many she currently holds.

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